Carl Hansen & Søn – BK Outdoor Collection

Designed By Bodil Kjær

The BK Collection has a simple geometric quality and is designed to weather beautifully over time. It was inspired by Cubist forms and contemporary architecture. Danish professor and architect Bodil Kjær has significantly contributed to the spread of Danish Modern design principles through her travels, knowledge gathering and promotion of the relationship between design and architecture. Kjær views furniture construction from a purely technical perspective, interplayed with modern architecture and created for people. She always considers context and has collaborated with different professions in her desire to optimize physical settings. Complementing cushions in weather-resistant Sunbrella fabric are also available, offering elegant lounging in optimum comfort


BK10 Dining Chair

BK11 Lounge Chair

BK12 Lounge Sofa

BK13 Swing Sofa

BK14 Sunbed

BK15 Dining Table

BK16 Side Table

BK17 Frame for Swing Sofa


Material & Colour:

Teak, Oil


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