Tine K home – Jute carpet


Tine K home style is a mixture of bohemian living, elegant simplicity and botanical living. Inspired by travel and nature, TineK combines colours and traditional crafts to collections that with their consistent Scandinavian simplicity fits so nicely in the times design trend.

The jute rug is woven of natural hemp and the strong braid makes it is a carpet that can last for a long time. The carpet is the most beautiful in natural color that will fit very well everywhere – such as hallway, kitchen or living room. It is a carpet that is nice to stand on and an obvious choice for a place in the home where it can be cold on the floor.

Jute is a 100% natural fiber. The carpet is handwoven and small knots will occur to extend the Jute yarn before weaving. The carpet is dyed with natural colours and variations can occur and make them all unique. There is a variety of colours and sizes to choose. We have the 140×200 cm jute rug natural color in stock, but you can order another with a different color such as grey, kit and soil.

140×200 – €210

250 x 300 – €565

60 x 90- €42.5

80 x 120 – €83.75

80 x 250 – €140

300 x 400 – €710

round shape

D120 – €141.25

D80 – €57.5

D180 – €225

D260 – €565

D300 – €840

D400 – €1522.50


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