Frama – Circle mirror


Frama Studio operates in various creative fields and directions from furniture, lighting, apothecary, books, apparel and kitchens. They all have in common that they focus on natural materials, simple geometry and a general appreciation of permanency. The pieces within the collections signal a return to basics, where the design appearance aims to be honest and simplified. Working within the area of design archetypes, Frama represents a graphical and straight forward aesthetic approach to design. This mirror from Frama is a classic round mirror with beveled edges mounted to a solid oak back. Visible screws celebrate the analogue approach to this 50’s inspired piece. The visual purity of the round shape is honoured by its material composition.

Materials: Oak, Mirror, Brass Fasteners

S – Ø 45 / D 2.3 cm

M – Ø 60 / D 2.3 cm

L – Ø 75 / D 2.3 cm

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